Half of Israel is a desert but this part has a lot of secrets. Come for a few days to the desert and I will show you these secrets. You can choose short walks to beautiful canyons and hidden waterholes, or jeep tours that cover a large area. If you are in a good shape then I recommend hiking in the desert. the hikes can be for a few hours to a few days



The tour that I like to guide most is along Israel Trail.It can be once a month for a day or two, as I do it with some groups, or a few days trek in one part of the trail. It takes almost two months to complete the 1000 km of Israel Trail



Israel is a small country but has a lot to offer to tourists.Holy sites in Jerusalem and the Galilee, different landscapes in the north and the south, different people in various locations and many interesting archeological sites that tells about the rich past of this country. I can tailor made the tour as you wish

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